Seeking talks for Reproducibility session (Sept 27-29)


My university (University of California Santa Cruz) is holding an Open Source symposium run by the UC Santa Cruz Open Source Program Office(OSPO)

One of the sessions they are interested in having is on reproducibility.
I was wondering if anyone from the Nix community would like to present on reproducibility as it pertains to Nix or maybe even bootstrapping.

Would make for a good practice run for NixCon :slight_smile:

More information:
We are in the midst of organizing the UC Santa Cruz Open Source Symposium on September 27-29 designed to create new partnerships with stakeholders within and outside the UC system. The second and third days are two-track โ€œworkshop" sessions about research topics that benefit from interacting with open source communities. The audience of this event are stakeholders in open source communities, industry OSPOs, research labs (industry and government), as well as interested faculty, researchers, and students. The event is sponsored by CROSS and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation (and we are welcoming additional sponsors).