Server update to 23.11 ends up in not being able to boot

I’m using LVM raid 1 (dm-raid) to have a mirror of my boot partitions, which was/is working fine with 23.05, but when trying to boot after a nixos-rebuild and an update to 23.11, the system won’t boot into the new generation.

I’m getting the error “device-mapper: reload ioctl on (254:4): failed: Invalid argument”

I have checked, and the dm-raid module is still included.

Any idea what’s happening? Is this having to do with the upgrade to kernel 6.6 series?

EDIT: Just FYI, this is a cross post from reddit. Want to get this solved ASAP.

Fixed it by adding ‘raid1’ to my boot.initrd.kernelModules.

Strange that since I’m using dm-raid, I needed raid1 (which is an alias for md-raid).