Setting options for ProxMox build

I am trying to build an image for ProxMox following instructions here. According this wiki page you can configure proxmox specifc options. I am trying with this configuration.nix:

}: {
  system.stateVersion = "23.11";
  services.sshd.enable = true;
  services.openssh.settings.PermitRootLogin = lib.mkDefault "yes";
  users.users.root.password = "nixos";
  proxmox.memory = 4096;
  proxmox.cores = 2;
  proxmox.diskSize = "10G";


But if I run nixos-generate -f proxmox -c configuration.nix I get error

The option `proxmox.cores' does not exist.

I do not understand how do I have to specify proxmox specifc options which are among the options of the module, as mentioned in the wiki page.

Did you ever figure this out? I’m struggling with it at the moment as I’m trying to learn it, but it’s currently beyond me.

I want to set the number of cores, memory, efi boot, etc.