Setting up _389-ds-base

I installed the _389-ds-base package and am trying to follow the instructions on to setup my instance. However, the package does not provide dscreate or dsidm, so I am at lost as to how to proceed.

How does one go about setting up 389ds in NixOS?

I do not have much experience with 389ds, but based on their docs, it seems like it’s a relatively normal set of daemons (the package includes systemd units) with a command line management tool, and a single INF (INI) based configuration file. I don’t think it should be hard to create a module for this, but I don’t have time to do it myself at the moment.

I think the missing cli tools are just a bug in the packaging - they exist as scripts here: Not sure if I’d consider it an upstream issue to not add install instructions in the makefile, or if it’s a problem on our end.

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I can run the daemon, but without setting it up with an instance and populating it with LDAP entries, it is unusable.

The documentation is a bit all over the place, with dead link references to Redhat docs, and pre-v1.4 instructions. But from what I can gather, in v1.4 and above, these are the command utilities that should be used create and administer an LDAP instance:

  • dscreate
  • dsctl
  • dsconf
  • dsidm

In the current state, even though 389ds is packaged in Nix, I cannot actually use it to create a working LDAP instance (at least I don’t know how to).