Setting up console font (nerdfonts)

hello, i’ve been trying to get JetBrainsMonoNerdFont on my console but it just won’t work. Here’s what in my configuration.nix:

#console configs
  fonts.packages = with pkgs; [nerdfonts];
  fonts.fontDir.enable = true;
  console = {
    enable = true;   
    packages = with pkgs; [nerdfonts];
    #font = "/run/current-system/sw/share/X11/fonts/JetBrainsMonoNerdFont-Regular.ttf"; 


font = "/run/current-system/sw/share/X11/fonts/JetBrainsMonoNerdFont-Regular.ttf"; 
font = "JetBrainsMonoNerdFont-Regular.ttf"; 
font = "JetBrainsMonoNerdFont-Regular"; 
font = "JetBrainsMono Nerd Font"; 

nothing works

The console is the TTY, which does not support nerd fonts, as far as I know.

If you are trying to do it your terminal emulator, the console font is the wrong option to set.

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my apologies, i meant to configure the font of terminal emulator, which is kitty in my case

here’s my config for someone who’s lost like me, you need home manager:

# file: home.nix
    # Kitty terminalllll
    programs.kitty = {
      enable = true;
      font = {
        name = "JetBrainsMono Nerd Font";
        size = 10;
      shellIntegration.enableFishIntegration = true;
      theme = "Catppuccin-Macchiato";
      #Also available: Catppuccin-Frappe Catppuccin-Latte Catppuccin-Macchiato Catppuccin-Mocha
      # See all available kitty themes at:
#file configuration.nix
environment.systemPackages = with pkgs; [

fonts.packages = with pkgs; [ nerdfonts ];
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You can also download specific nerdfonts instead of getting all of them:

font.packages = with pkgs; [ (nerdfonts.override { fonts = [ "JetBrainsMono" ]; }) ];
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