Setting up vscode for podman on nixos

I’m trying to understand how to set up vscode docker extension (ms-azuretools.vscode-docker) to use podman socket on nixos using home manager.

systemctl status podman.socket → active (listening)

socat -u -ddd OPEN:/dev/null UNIX-Connect:/run/podman/podman.sock → “successfully connected from local address”

If I’m not wrong, I should set up:

  # VScodium
  programs.vscode = {
    enable = true;
    package = pkgs.vscodium;
    extensions = with pkgs.vscode-extensions; [
    userSettings = {
      # Podman settings for Docker extension (modified host path)
      "docker.dockerPath" = "podman";
      "docker.environment" = { "DOCKER_HOST" = "unix:///run/podman/podman.sock"; } ;

I can see DOCKER_HOST is properly set in UI but it still won’t work. Any help will be appreciated :slight_smile: