Setup pycharm for debugging python files with conda-shell env

I have jumped the ship from arch to nixos and for compatibility with my server I am sticking with stable channel and using home-manager.

Recently I have installed conda-shell and tried to setup the interpreter path in pycharm/vscode for debugging purposes, but whenever I select the conda path (~/.conda/bin/conda) I get an error - Cannot run program "~/.conda/bin/conda": error =2, No such file or directory.

Note: I am not comfortable with development shells and installing venv through pdm has not been a good experience.

I’m super new to NixOS, so take this with a pinch of salt.

My impression is that out of the box, PyCharm won’t load any Python environments created through venv/conda unless PyCharm is in the same FHS environment or something like nix-ld is used.

Solutions might be to use the remote development options, but obviously they have drawbacks too.