Setup SSL Certificate for NGINX / NixOS Server


I have a Server running NixOS and NGINX.
NGINX is configured and runs good at the moment but without a SSL connection.

I also have a Domain at INWX. When I link the Domain to my IP Adress, the Website does not show up. I think the “problem” here is that the Domain points to “https” and not to “http”.
btw: the IP works fine when I use it in the Browser.

My next step will be setup a SSL certificate for the website, but I don’t know where to start.
Did anybody can help?


Acme (lets encrypt) is what you need.

these links may help you.

then again, they may not.

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If you force the URL to have an http, does it work? Can you use curl instead, since it doesn’t auto-force https?

@nixinator is right, but it doesn’t hurt confirming your suspicion. Most browsers should at least give you a warning.

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@TLATER is also correct, some basic diagnostic commands to see if the service is up and running.

netstat -lpd as root is also fun.

you should see things running on port 80 and 443 if you’ve made progress.

Don’t worry about being new here, i’m glad you taking the plunge into NixOS…