Shell.nix for rustc development?

I know there’s a few other rustc contributors in this forum. What shell.nix have you set up for getting rustc to compile?

Would it be worth documenting this in the rustc development guide for people looking to contribute to the compiler? (or shipping with a shell.nix by default?)

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I would browse user:nbp’s github… He is the creator of rust overlay and I believe he commits to rustc too. In general whatever he does would be canonical (sometimes by definition :))

You can find my shell for rustc here - it’s a tad over-engineered but it works.

You’ll be able to find a list of packages that I found I needed for working on rustc in there, but I also define my config.toml, .rgignore and other files that I want to manage in there too, with the expectation that I’ll use my workman tool and that will symlink those files into the working directory (it doesn’t update those symlinks though - and I intend to retire this tool at some point once I’ve time to build a replacement).

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Perfect! Thank you and Oly very much.