`shell.nix` for static and shared linking with gcc?

I have a bigger build process that compiles several C++ projects, and some of them require static linking, while others require shared linking, and I would like one shell.nix which I can use to run the entire build process.

When I only specify gcc as a buildInput, however, static linking fails for (at least) one of the projects, as the static libraries are not available.

When I use gcc and glibc.static as buildInputs, this project compiles, but another project that wants to link a shared library fails, and tries to link against the static libc, which it should not.

If I specify gcc, glibc.static and glibc as buildInputs, this actually works for small C examples (static and shared linking in the same environment), but fails for the actual bigger build process, with the same error as here: ardour: fix build with gcc6 by disassembler · Pull Request #28748 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub

Now, the solution given in this PR is to remove glibc as an explicit buildInput, which works, because gcc already contains an environment with its glibc available. However, in my case, this doesn’t work, because then shared linking fails again.

I also tried nixpkgs.gccStdenvNoLibs.mkDerivation with gcc, glibc.static and glibc as buildInputs, but this fails with the same error as given in the PR.

Is there a good/okay solution for my usecase?