Shell.nix or default.nix for java project

I am searching for an example for a java project in nix that includes dependencies

How would you typically describe your dependencies? Using Maven? If so, I can strongly recommend GitHub - nix-community/mavenix: Deterministic Maven builds using Nix [maintainer=@icetan]. I don’t have any public project with it though.

yes usually with pom.xml and maven, what are the alternatives? I’m gonna start project from 0, so I would like to start with the most nix friendly solution.

Is there a good toy / tiny self contained example of using mavenix? I spent a a day or two trying to massage maven2nix to work but it didn’t like something about the Pom…

mind you I’m more of a hs and cabal person normally so figuring out how to nix up some reproducible builds for a java prject is hard mode for me. (Trying to get some colleagues started on nix stuff and for them maven prjects is a must )