Should we support InitWare(Is a fork of systemd ported to different bsd systems)?

InitWare is a fork of systemd

The following platforms are supported:

NetBSD (9.0+): InitWare's native platform. System, user, and login management are all supported.
FreeBSD (13.0+) as system, user, and login manager.
DragonFly BSD (5.8+) as user manager.
OpenBSD (6.9+) as user manager.
GNU/Linux (3.6+) as system, user, and login manager, but note below that this is not currently set up to build.

supporting this would let us make nixos not just a linux distribution, but also bsd distribution and etc

Though it seems like a lot of work, and possibly will conflict with current systemd setup


Should we support InitWare(Is a fork of systemd ported to different bsd systems)?

Short version: No.

Slightly longer version:

We are having a hard enough time keeping up with the currently supported platforms so adding xBSD support isn’t really a “pro”. NixOS is basically the nix language + a shit-ton of bash scripts and imagine the work making them work on something !Linux.

If this gains traction and is picked up by a number of large distributions and the Linux landscape converges on it, then sure, we can talk about it but not for the portability gains but instead to minimize friction when making our software play nicely with all other Linux distributions that people do test against.


The first sentence in the README is literally

InitWare isn’t ready to use yet!!

so the discussion is permature at best.


there was a project, but it seems dead

NixNG is a proof-of-concept distribution which works very similarly to NixOS, but aims to run well in containers and also smells more BSD-esque. Currently, it uses runit instead of systemd, but we’re open to multi-init support and also to our own init system.

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The creator was quite busy with end of school if I understood it correctly, and now is busy with SoN. Perhaps they’ll take it up again after that?

It’s still alive here: