Similar Home Manager and Nixos settings in Nixos Module mode

Confused on how does the home manager setting work when there is a same setting for NixOS Options when home manager installed as a module.

What should one do in this case? Enable them both? Only Home manager option?
What about environment.systemPackages? put a application there too? Does it change anything?

I am sorry if this is already explained. Wanted to clarify for myself.

EDIT: This is for a single user system…

The home-manager options, even when installed as a NixOS module, are user-specific, while the NixOS module settings are system wide.

Which of the two you set depends on whether you want a setting to be user specific or not.

See also this thread for a similar discussion on the trade-offs between the settings: Duplication home-manager and nixos modules - #11 by AndersonTorres

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