Single or multiple PRs when adding a new package w/ missing deps?

I’m working on Package request: Microsoft Autogen which depends on a few other things not yet in nixpkgs. Is the usual protocol to submit the missing dependencies as PRs one by one, or should the top-level PR contain all the parts?

In other words, is it multiple PRs (openai: init at…, joblib-spark: init at …, etc.) or one PR with each of these dependencies as a commit?

P.S. Or if package A depends on package B (and nothing else does), do I also build the dependency in its parents’ derivation? Or is it its own package?

Let’s say…it depends. If there are 100 missing dependencies then it’s preferred if the PR is splitted into smaller chunks. Will make it easier for the reviewers and the submitter.

There is no “hard limit” on the number of commits which are collected in a single PR. Just ask yourself: Would I want to review that PR?

It’s own package as other modules may depend on it in the future and it’s easier to do updates.

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Makes sense. Thanks.