Single user installation without sudo

If I’m not misreading the release notes, since 2.10.0 nix should run even if /nix is not available and use .local/share/nix/root

I’m trying to install nix 2.12.0 without using sudo, but the installer keeps asking for sudo password.

I was unable to find documentation about this scenario.

Did I misunderstand something about the non /nix configuration?


You do not need the installer for the portable usage.

Just use a prebuilt nix from the release page.

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I’m not sure to understand your suggestion, can you elaborate a bit please.


Download from Channels for NixOS project(s)



Does not work, since the shared libraries are not found.
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=...
is not enough, maybe because the distribution is old (ubuntu 20.04 with glibc 2.31).

I’ve compiled a static nix and it “works”, but not enough to successfully complete nix develop for a small python project of mine.