Skipping Audio Issue

I need some help with a very frustrating issue, at random times my audio skips and gltiches. It seems to be any audio, be it from Firefox, mpd or mpv.

I have spent a few days scanning the interwebs for configs, searching for documentation etc, but I haven’t really found the issue.

Initially I thought it was my USB DAC, so I plugged directly into my PC headphone jack and the issue has diminished somewhat, but I am still experiencing the issue.

This is the relevent snippet from my configuration.nix:

  # Enable Sound.
    sound.enable = true;
    security.rtkit.enable = true;
    hardware.pulseaudio.enable = false;
    services.pipewire = {
    enable = true;
    alsa.enable = true;
    alsa.support32Bit = true;
    pulse.enable = true;
    jack.enable = true;
  environment.etc = {
  "pipewire/pipewire.conf.d/92-low-latency.conf".text = '' = {
      default.clock.rate = 48000
      default.clock.quantum = 1024
      default.clock.min-quantum = 32
      default.clock.max-quantum = 8192

I added the default.clock section to see if that would help, it hasn’t really.

What other information can I provide? Any direction will be greatly appreciated.

This writeup is a bit (ahem) ranty and not just about audio, but maybe it can help: The year of Linux on the desktop | soapbox

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Thanks for the link. I have followed the steps there, so let’s see how we go.

Okay, no change, unfortunately.

I run pw-top and I see that mpd is showing 87 in the ERR column.

Not sure if this is relevent?

what’s your mpd audio backend? I think the “pulseaudio” one tends to work better than “pipewire”, in case you use the latter.

Ah good call, I hadn’t thought of that. Yes it’s pipewire. I’ll switch to pulseaudio and see how we go.

Switched mpd to pulse, still getting the skipping. Four in the last 20 minutes which is far better than before.

next suggestion would be to keep increasing the “headroom” parameter in pipewire until you hit either success or diminishing returns…

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Thank you, I’ll be in touch once I figure out how to do that. I really appreciate the replies so far.