Slides from my 35C3 cross-compile workshop

In case someone is interested, these are my slides from the cross-compiling workshop on the 35th chaos communication congress in Leipzig: Nix cross-compiling - Google Präsentationen

Unfortunally the recording broke. If someone wants to have the same talk on their NixOS meetup, I would be happy to give my talk again to get a proper video.


Good summary! Well done!

That was great, I learned a lot. Som hypothetically, if you have a buildInput that has a host component and a build component, it should be split in two different packages?

@wmertens Usually you would refer to the from build component to the library that is meant for the target.
You then call the other component target library instead of host library.
I.e. gcc from buildPackage has a dependency on libgcc that is compiled for the target. This is because
gcc could be cross-compiled from architecture A to architecture B but it actually produces code for the architecture C. libgcc also then needs to be compiled for the target, which is architecture C instead of architecture B, which gcc can run on.

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It’s just Google docs, how about opening it in incognito mode where you allow JavaScript?

I understand that you want to limit js, but how do you use discourse, or your online banking?

A pullrequest to make crosscompiling Raspberry PI images possible. ( I haven’t tried it yet )

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docs :books: will export to plain text

wget "" -O 'Nix cross-compiling.txt'

or pdf

wget "" -O 'Nix-cross-compiling.pdf'