Slower since upgrade to release-21.11

Hi there,
since I upgraded from release-20.05 to release-21.11 nixos branch my system feels somewhat buggy. It seems as if graphics acceleration lagging. For example when I start a virtualbox machine there are visual artifacts when i move windows or open menus. This happens in other Applications to but is especially obvious in virtualbox.

uname -a on the “good” system:

Linux benjamin 5.10.81 #1-NixOS SMP Sun Nov 21 12:46:37 UTC 2021 x86_64 GNU/Linux

uname -a on the lagging system:

Linux benjamin 5.10.84 #1-NixOS SMP Wed Dec 8 08:03:30 UTC 2021 x86_64 GNU/Linux

My system configuration is here and the exact change in the version is this one Updated to release-21.11 · lammermann/dotfiles@526abbe · GitHub (I pin the versions with niv).

Has somebody experienced similar problems? Do you know any workarounds or fixes?

Thanks for any help or hint

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Some things I tried (but without luck):

  • setting param boot.kernelParams = [ "intel_pstate=active" ]; found the tipp here
  • regenerating my hardware-configuration.nix