Snapdragon X Elite/Plus (ARM) on NixOS


With the Snapdragon X Elite/Plus ARM chips being commercially available in e.g. Lenovo laptops in a few months, I have wondered how NixOS will run on it.
I have never tried NixOS on ARM before (only x86), but could see myself buying a laptop with one of the aforementioned chips, planning to use it with NixOS.

How good do you guys think NixOS (or Linux in general?) will be on this chip?
Is comfortably using it with working GPU, Wi-Fi, audio and camera drivers on Wayland a realistic possibility a few months after release?

I have found this article, which makes it seem like there’s already a pretty well-working Debian image, as well as some effort to upstream the code to Linux mainline, but I’d like to know more.


The thinkpad x13s uses an older generation snapdragon cpu. Apparently folks have that running in nixos though I don’t know how well. Seems there’s a bit of hassle but it can work. I think there may be webcam issues.

I’d expect a similar experience on the x elite snapdragon systems, though community interest will likely be stronger given the higher performance.

Web search turned up a few links:


That does indeed seem like some hassle, but that’s fine.
With how much talk the Snapdragon X series chips are getting lately, I have high hopes that community interest will be large enough to make them decently usable on NixOS, if not more.

see adamcstephens/nixos-x13s - - I just asked this myself today in an older thread How to disable zfs for custom install image? - #7 by adamcstephens

Until the actual devices have been shown to work well with mainline Linux, the current answer can only be: wait and see.


Yep, basically what I’ve concluded. I’ll mess with the Debian ISO but it does seem like it’ll be a waiting game. InstallingDebianOn/Thinkpad/X13s - Debian Wiki

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