[solved] Can't change default browser

I installed firefox in configuration.nix when I built the system. Then in my user I installed brave. Then I decided I liked firefox better, so I removed brave, but still my apps bring it up when I click a link. I’ve checked xdg and it still says the default for text/html is firefox. There’s nothing containing “brave” in my environment variables, nor in the config files of the apps (i.e. emacs and telegram). When I say “which brave” at the user shell it can’t find it. I don’t really want to garbage collect unless I want to bring brave back up again.

How/why is this happening?

Maybe this is mime-related or related to your desktop environment? See, e.g., DefaultWebBrowser - Debian Wiki.

that was it!

I was only looking for the default app for the text/html type files, not for the whole system. I didn’t even know about that second xdg default setting.


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