Some Plasma errors with logging in with Kde/Nvidia/Wayland/4k144hz


I’m looking to switch to NixOS with KDE and Wayland. I have couple of complicating factors that I keep having trouble with. One of those is Nvidia card and the other is 4k144hz monitor. All these things are running smoothly on ublue kinoite but I have other little problems with that that nixos fixes for me. (I keep having rsync/rclone and other mounting related issues on kinoite but don’t see any errors in logs).
Why wayland on nvidia? Because it scales properly my displays and framerate seems to be closer to 144hz than 60hz on some tasks when just doing simple stuff on the desktop.
On x11 session my screen seems to flicker on nixos. Some other distros these are fixed after installing drivers.
Here’s my configs related to nvidia: All my nvidia related configs in my nix configs with some comments · GitHub
I know that all of these are still very work in progress but little nudge to right direction to fix my problem wouldn’t hurt :smile:
The errors that I keep having is mainly with starting starting plasma wayland session:
“nixos kwin_wayland_wrapper [7509]: kwin_core: Applying KScreen config failed!”
And when looking at kscreen-console: qt.qpa.xcb: could not connect to display
qt.qpa.plugin: Could not load the Qt platform plugin “xcb” in “” even though it was found

I didn’t find exact error here so that’s why I’m now posting it.
I’d like to note that I also posted to Mastodon to widen my reach a little bit more.

Thank you in advance. :smile:

Grab some ideas from mine. Although not 100% glitch free it seems more smoother in wayland session then x11…

[](https://My nvidia gt 1030 link)

Thank you!

That and your connected opengl file did the trick :smile:

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Glad to see some of my configs helped: GitHub: TolgaErok

dont forget to blacklist the nouveau drivers in your hardware-configuration : blacklist [ “nouveau” ];

and set wayland to true in your xdg portal: wayland enable

i also enabled framebuffer which may assist further: videoDrivers = “fbdev”

i also enable power management for the suspend issues, this setting has never failed on wake from suspend: wake from suspend

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