Someone successfully running paperless-ngx?


I am having issues since 22.05 and paperless-ngx, because paperless cannot contact redis anymore. I filed an issue here, but no response yet, thus I am reaching out here to maybe hear from someone who has paperless running successfully?

Yes, works great. Using 22.05 here. Is there a reason why you manually configure Redis? Normally, when you don’t pass PAPERLESS_REDIS, the paperless-ngx module will just configure a Redis server itself that is being connected to using a Unix domain socket.

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For me paperless works fine using the following configuration:


  • Have you checked the redis is running?
  • Are you able to use the redis CLI or another client to connect to it?
  • Have you tried using a socket instead? (Environment="PAPERLESS_REDIS=unix:///run/redis-paperless/redis.sock" is what I see being used in my resulting unit files for the consumer)

Yes, the systemd unit is green. Using telnet, I can connect to redis and it works.

I didn’t know that paperless can configure its own redis. Gonna try that now.

Yep, just not configuring redis results in redis being there and working for paperless.

That’s AWESOME how good this is documented in both paperless and nixos! :face_vomiting:

Thanks for helping me here!

I mean yes, the documentation situation is not super pretty. To be honest, I just started reading the module sources to see what they are doing. It’s one single format, IMHO pretty well readable, and this being Nix, the syntax remains pretty much the same so it’s a thing you learn once and then use for everything (plus, you may spot odd things and can start improving them).

Usually the NixOS modules setup everything that is needed for a service to run and unless you want to do something different (like use a different Redis instance on another machine or so), the default tends to work pretty well. It seems to be a design principle followed by most modules.

On another note, there’s a Wiki, feel free to add a paperless chapter. Complaining about missing docs won’t get them written. This is a community project after all.

And finally, you’re welcome :slight_smile: