South Bay California Meetup

Hi everyone!

I’d love to meet others in the Nix ecosystem.
I’d love to get together for a meetup for those in the South Bay.

I am currently in Santa Cruz, CA.
My office (Google) in Santa Cruz has a large event space we can use to chat and maybe head out to dinner afterwards.

I suspect there are likely a lot in SF and I’m willing to travel to meet others if another spot is better.

If there exists a meetup group already, please feel free to share.


Great idea, would love to join!
@cprussin ?

Yeah! I’d be in for a meetup. I unfortunately don’t know any others in the area though

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Interested, no promises though.

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Happy to host in Santa Cruz if we get 5+ probably sounds worth it – and we can all go out for a dinner too.

I’ll wait to see activity here and maybe move to email or something afterwards.

I’m in SF and I’d be interested in a meetup, though Santa Cruz is pretty far

In Berkeley and also interested in a meetup! Someplace reachable via BART/Caltrain would be awesome.

also interested!
anywhere in peninsula, south bay or santa cruz works for me :slight_smile:

Quickly reviving this, how’s December 7th at around Mountain View/Sunnyvale for everyone? :slight_smile:

Dec 7th sounds good for me, I’m in San Jose and ok for anywhere between SF and Sant Cruz :slight_smile:

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I am also interested. Both Dec 7th and the location works for me.

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Awesome, @fzakaria is checking on rooms and will update soon

Booked it’s official!

I have a room for up to 35 and can do catering if we need

I booked it 12-7pm also.

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I’m very interested.

What’s the best way to make a calendar invite ?

Anyone know the Meetup NixOS organizers or a good tool to create an event ?

I just use Google calendar :sweat_smile:

IMO is good enough to create an event & RSVP for it.


Does that work?

Replying to myself:

Please register at NixOS Bay Area Meetup

Current time just to book a big slot 12pm-7pm but plan is to shorten it according to attendees.
Can start a thread with those who register.

If you would like to give a talk (practice or otherwise), Birds of a Feather, Hack etc… I’m open.
I’m considering and open to inviting Guix and Spack people too.

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signed up successfully :slight_smile:

On a related note, I set up this meetup group for South Bay:

Silicon Valley Nix / NixOS User Group (online and in person events)

@fzakaria is one of the organizers and will announce this event on there too.

Excited for more Nix content and evangelism in the bay area. Hope you can all join the meetup group.


Hosted by Flying Circus.