Spotify-tui and readonly filesystem

I’m trying to install spotify-tui, but I’m getting an error about a read-only filesystem. I’m using home-manager to create the configuration file

xdg.configFile."spotify-tui/client.yml".source = ../../../secrets/spotify-tui;

Where the file looks like

client_id: ...
client_secret: ...
device_id: ...
port: 8888

But it appears to error trying to write the device_id, despite the fact it’s already provided. Is this something that I can fix on the NixOS side, or something that should be fixed on the spotify-tui side?

spotify-tui likes to make writes to the client.yml config file in order operate, which makes that file a bad candidate for home-manager (which likes things to stay static).

I went ahead and filed an issue: Split out config more for users with read-only configurations · Issue #579 · Rigellute/spotify-tui · GitHub

The code is fairly easy to pick through, someone could hack a patch fairly easily.

Thanks! I’m pretty new to NixOS, so I wasn’t sure if it was an issue with my configuration, or with spotify-tui.

Let’s see what the maintainers reply.