Spring NixOS hacking event?

Hi there,

at last year’s NixCon we had the question of having a hacking event in spring. I’ve thinking about organising one at Flying Circus in Halle but unfortunately this is currently not possible (room not ready+personal constraints).

I’d rather not bury the whole idea. Is anyone else capable of hosting a 1|2|3-day hackathon? Perhaps at some hacker space?

Any ideas appreciated!

I could ask if we can host it in the c-base. It’s located in Berlin and it would be for free. The Berlin NixOS meetup is there every week and we have good experiences there. It’s a little bit smelly from years of cigarette smoke though.

There is also the possibility to host the hackthon in the shackspace in Stuttgart. There is plenty of space and beamers. Price is also free. What preparation was needed for the last hackathon and how many people came?