Stable Diffusion Using Nix Flakes

Hello :wave:


I made this repository which uses Flakes to quickly get up and running with Stable Diffusion in a Jupyter Notebook.


The only requirements before starting are:


Users here will be familiar with the setup process for flakes but after that running is as simple as:

nix run --impure github:collinarnett/stable-diffusion-nix#jupyterLab

place your user token in the HF_TOKEN variable at the top of the page and you should be able to immediately generate images.


This is built using the following awesome projects:

  • nixGL - A wrapper tool for nix OpenGL application.
  • jupyterWith - Declarative and reproducible Jupyter environments
  • flake-utils - Pure Nix flake utility functions

Please let me know if there are any problems since I haven’t been able to test this extensively



Would it be a lot of efforts to provide a flake for ? This allows to use stable-diffusion with 2.4 GB of VRAM instead of 10, making it a lot more accessible.


That repo is neat but yes it does have quite a few more requirements than the small amount of work I’ve put in above to get diffusers packaged. You’re right though, it would make the flake much more accessible if I could package the 2.4GB version.

The entire goal of this small repo is to showcase how simple it is to share reproducible environments with Nix in a fun and interesting way so I will do my best in the coming week to package the repo you linked.

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That will be the opportunity for me to try jupyterLab, I hear a lot about it but I still don’t understand how it works / what to do with it :sweat_smile:

Good news! diffusers integrated that change into their library. I’ve gone ahead and configured the change by default so the repo only requires 3.2GB of VRAM now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Go ahead and run

nix run --impure github:collinarnett/stable-diffusion-nix#jupyterLab

to get the latest version!


Super cool!!! Thanks :pray:t3:

Is it possible to use a local weights file downloaded from HuggingFace instead of the API? What is doing the API exactly? :thinking:

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