Starknet Cryptocurrency "contributions"

As you ramble on through life, brother,
Whatever be your goal,
Keep your eye upon the doughnut,
And not upon the hole.

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Funny that it is no. 42 in this thread, awesome timing.

To check your claims without using their servers:

This just wraps access to the JSON files that were mentioned in #33 for convenience.

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While I’m from the US and thus not eligible to claim this(nor would I personally want to, as I believe cryptocurrency as a whole is a bad thing), I just recieved a spam email with a telegram link from the domain dailay [dot] news. Please be on the lookout and report this email to namecheap(where the domain is hosted) if you get one.

At least that’s a temporary thing. They stated that offer expires at June 20 2024 .

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US persons are not legally eligible and should be cautious, this offer might be a violation of Article 1744 - Code général des impôts - Légifrance

Summary from: France – New Offense of Providing Instruments to Facilitate Tax Fraud | King & Spalding - JDSupra

new Article 1744 of the French tax code, which creates the offense of making instruments available to facilitate tax fraud and punishes natural or legal entities making available “free of charge or for a fee, one or more legal, tax, accounting or financial means, services, acts or instruments, with the aim of enabling one or more third parties to fraudulently evade the assessment or payment of all or part of taxes .”

For Nix users who want to donate their tokens to @edef, I wrote a short guide for the security-conscious and lazy:

  • Use to check if your username gets any tokens.
  • Start a minimal VM containing just Firefox: firefox-vm.nix · GitHub
  • Follow @edef’s instructions here.
    • It will ask “Public data only” read-access from Github.
    • If you get misformatted key :( from edef’s website, just send the URL directly to @edef e.g. here via Discourse private message (click the user name), or Matrix, or any way you like.
  • Revoke the GitHub read-access authorization here (convenience link).
  • Turn off / delete them VM.

I got a similar e-mail today from a Gmail account.