Starship configuration

I think I must be doing something with programs.starship.settings to get starship a configuration like .config/starship.toml to work, but I don’t know?!

What if I would like to get this configuration to work?

Searching github for programs.starship.settings (with language:nix) might help you find examples.


Please clarify whether you’re using home-manager or nixos for this. Both have options to configure starship, though their programs.starship.settings options function identically, I think.

In case it’s useful, here’s an example from my home-manager config:

I prefer in configuration.nix (for all users)

Yours is pretty too!

I am relatively experienced with linux but very much a noob to NixOS.
On my journey I have come across similar queries thus I offer this example:
<Nix file to generate complete, mostly default, starship.toml, including equivalent of <format = “$all”>.>