Steam game cinematic cutscene black screen with sound

In some games, like Super Meatboy and Victor Vran, the cutscenes play fine (with GE-Proton7-3 and natively, respectively). Then when I play Mark of the Ninja, the opening cutscene and subsequent cutscenes just have a black screen with sound. The mouse is still active and the games mouse cursor is applied. When it gets to the main game-play, it works fine. I’ve tried various version of Proton GE, but only GE-Proton7-2 - 7-24 seem to get the game to load, but with the black cutscenes at best. The other versions of Proton GE just say “launching” when you click the play button, then it fails to launch and just goes right back to the play button.

The majority of the entries on Proton DB say that Mark of the Ninja should work either natively or with Proton 5, 6, 7, or 8.

Anyone have any suggestions? From what I understand, this game uses Bink videos and needs DirectX. Not sure if Proton GE takes care of those.

I’m using a 2013 Macbook Air with an Intel Haswell-ULT GPU using the i915 driver.

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A suggestion from WineHQ - Mark of the Ninja Steam :

The game itself works fine under wine. Several people reported issues with the cinematic scenes between the actual gameplay. It worked for me to fix this by setting the D3DX9_43.dll as “builtin” for this game.

If this doesn’t fix it, perhaps you need to re-install directx either with winetricks or protontricks.

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Magically, it’s working! I just switched it back to GE-proton7-24 to get it ready to try your suggestion about using protontricks, started the game up to make sure it launched okay, and all of a sudden the cutscene started working. The only other thing I did was I installed Brawlhalla, but I don’t think that could be related to Mark of the Ninja suddenly working, could it?

If I have issues with it again, I’ll try adding the dll. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Perhaps switching back to GE-proton7-24 did some configuration step in the prefix that was necessary to get the game working.

I personally don’t think so as they’re usually installed on separate prefixes. I could be wrong though.

In all cases, I’m glad it’s working for you :smile:

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