Steam game wants; how to fix this properly?

A game I’d like to play (CrossCode) doesn’t start using Steam out of the box, complaining of a missing I was able to fix that by:

  • nix-build -A at-spi2-core '<nixpkgs>' (which, say, installs into $directory-for-libatspi/lib)
  • Setting the game’s launch options to LD_LIBRARY_PATH="$directory-for-libatspi/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH" %command%

However, this doesn’t seem like a permanent or smart fix. How do I improve on that? Is it a fix for the Steam package in nixpkgs? I’d imagine it already includes some well-known .so files in its environment.

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Sounds like you should override steam-run to include this in buildInputs

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please make an issue on github, and we can remedy this for all

actually, i just went ahead and made a PR


Thanks very much @jonringer!

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