Steam Segfaults at launch on NixOS stable

I am having issues where Steam just Segfaults when launching it (by using steam in the terminal)
I am using Hyprland on an AMD+Nvidia laptop.

Here is the output when launching steam in the terminal[213495]: Running Steam on nixos 23.11 64-bit[213495]: STEAM_RUNTIME is enabled automatically[213573]: Steam runtime environment up-to-date!
steam-runtime-identify-library-abi: Failed to execute child process "/sbin/ldconfig" (No such file or directory)[213585]: steam-runtime-identify-library-abi --ldconfig-paths failed, falling back to ldconfig[213585]: Warning: An unexpected error occurred while executing "/sbin/ldconfig -XNv", the exit status was 127[213495]: Steam client's requirements are satisfied
[2024-05-25 04:35:15] Startup - updater built May 24 2024 20:46:19
[2024-05-25 04:35:15] Startup - Steam Client launched with: '/home/yuugen/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32/steam'
05/25 04:35:15 minidumps folder is set to /tmp/dumps
05/25 04:35:15 Init: Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)/version(1716584667)/tid(213615)
SteamUpdateUI: An X Error occurred
X Error of failed request:  BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)
Major opcode of failed request:  149 (GLX)
Minor opcode of failed request:  5 (X_GLXMakeCurrent)
Serial number of failed request:  0
xerror_handler: X failed, continuing
Looks like steam didn't shutdown cleanly, scheduling immediate update check
[2024-05-25 04:35:15] Loading cached metrics from disk (/home/yuugen/.local/share/Steam/package/steam_client_metrics.bin)
[2024-05-25 04:35:15] Using the following download hosts for Public, Realm steamglobal
[2024-05-25 04:35:15] 1., /, Realm 'steamglobal', weight was 1000, source = 'update_hosts_cached.vdf'
[2024-05-25 04:35:15] 2., /client/, Realm 'steamglobal', weight was 1, source = 'update_hosts_cached.vdf'
[2024-05-25 04:35:15] 3., /client/, Realm 'steamglobal', weight was 1, source = 'baked in'
[2024-05-25 04:35:15] Checking for update on startup
[2024-05-25 04:35:15] Checking for available updates...
[2024-05-25 04:35:15] Downloading manifest:
[2024-05-25 04:35:16] Manifest download: send request
[2024-05-25 04:35:16] Manifest download: waiting for download to finish
[2024-05-25 04:35:16] Manifest download: finished
[2024-05-25 04:35:16] Download skipped: /steam_client_ubuntu12 version 1716584667, installed version 1716584667, existing pending version 0
[2024-05-25 04:35:16] Nothing to do
[2024-05-25 04:35:16] Verifying installation...
[2024-05-25 04:35:16] Performing checksum verification of executable files
[2024-05-25 04:35:16] Verification complete
UpdateUI: skip show logo
Steam logging initialized: directory: /home/yuugen/.local/share/Steam/logs

/nix/store/r73vd0anxg8qhwv967hz4z404crv03hl-dconf-0.40.0-lib/lib/gio/modules/ wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64
Failed to load module: /nix/store/r73vd0anxg8qhwv967hz4z404crv03hl-dconf-0.40.0-lib/lib/gio/modules/
XRRGetOutputInfo Workaround: initialized with override: 0 real: 0xf06867b0
XRRGetCrtcInfo Workaround: initialized with override: 0 real: 0xf0684fa0
crash_20240525043517_5.dmp[213627]: Uploading dump (out-of-process)
/home/yuugen/.local/share/Steam/ line 813: 213615 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) "$STEAMROOT/$STEAMEXEPATH" "$@"

And here is my config for steam

steam = {
      enable = true;
      extraCompatPackages = with pkgs; [
      remotePlay.openFirewall = true;
      dedicatedServer.openFirewall = true;
      gamescopeSession = {
        enable = true;

Here is my entire config (with this snippet being located at /modules/programs/common/gaming/syswide.nix)

I can provide more information on my system if needed.

This is my first post, please tell me if I need to change up stuff.

Hello :wave:

This seems like a hyprland issue, currently:

You can either try:

  • Using the xwayland-rewrite branch, which could possibly fix this:
    hyprland.url = "github:hyprwm/Hyprland/xwayland-rewrite?submodules=1";
  • Rolling back hyprland to a previously working version (0.39.1?)
  • Waiting until it’s fixed upstream :coffee:
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