Stickers/badges "Powered by NixOS"

Hello everyone!

About a month ago I decided to decorate my PC running NixOS with some stickers/badges. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find suitable ones, so I contacted someone who crafts this kind of stickers and made a request for NixOS ones. A couple of days ago I received the badges that you can see on the image below. They are roughly the size of stamps that you put on a postcard. I really like the result!

I purchased them from “BadgeShopArt” on .

This post isn’t meant as an advertisement and I am in no way affiliated with the person who crafted them. I just want to make my appreciation for NixOS more visible and share it with you. I’m glad to be part of this community!


Thanks, those look great!

I had these made at a local print shop and handed them out at FOSSY and SeaGL:

Happy to share with anyone else in the Seattle area.


whoa, nice. I’m happy to say a logo sticker I slapped on a bus stop sign is still going strong after two years in Queen Anne, Seattle.