Stop screen locking in Plasma

I’m running NixOS in a virtual machine, and after 5-10 minutes the screen locks and I have to type my password to unlock it.

I know how to prevent this by going to the GUI in Plasma and changing it there, but I’d like this setting change to be in my Nix configuration so when I distribute a Nix file to colleagues/testers they get a similar environment as me, instead of having to either keep an image up-to-date and or get them to follow a readme.

Is there anyway I can change this in configuration.nix?

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services.xserver.xautolock.time = 15 # default value

and change default value maybe

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Didnt work for me. I have increased this value to like 8 hours but the plasma screen locks out in 15 mins still.

@clinton not sure if you got this fixed

I tried Plasma on Nixos but it was glitchy.
Switched back to Gnome with nary a hitch.

Gnome is actually much further along in its Wayland integration,
and to be honest, although it may not be as optically saccharine as Plasma,
it is super functional with Workspaces

but plasma 6 is coming and it will be the wayland plasma