[sudden regression?] wayland some apps double size cursor

Suddenly I’m seeing a very strange issue, were my mouse cursor on some apps is additionally scaled up by a factor two. I didn’t really change anything in my config, just nix flake update.

I’m running Hyprland 0.25.0, mostly nixpkgs-stable with some nixpkgs-unstable, and (at least) the following packages are affected:

  • chrome / brave
    • additionally here the tooltips are also double size and the cursor’s hotspot is offset (probably on the real coordinates where the cursor is shown on coordinate x 2?), making it completely unusable
  • scribus
  • strawberry
  • filelight

As seen above both Qt and gtk apps are affected, but not all? (krita vs gimp are not affected, but are xwayland, the others tested are running native wayland.)

Interestingly other apps (vscode, alacritty, firefox, …) don’t have this issue. And interestingly the hotspot offset and double-size tooltips occur only for chrome and brave.

I’m now on an i915 integrated GPU (laptop), but I’ve seen the same on amdgpu.
Since I’m on 4k, my default global scale is 2.0, but if I set it to 1.0 the relative deviation is still the same (i.e. the faulty ones are double the correct ones).

Any idea (what/how to check)?

Seeing the same issue, though all seems to go away if I set the display scale to 1.

Are you using Hyprland as well? For me setting scale to 1 shrinks everything (as expected), so the (relative) problem is still the same.

When I try running sway with all else the same it doesn’t occur though, so I’m suspecting the (different version of) wlroots, as a dependency.

Yeh this is on Hyprland. I also don’t experience the same behaviour with sway (from which I just migrated)

FWIW, this problem started recently(ish), but going back to Hyprland 0.24.1 didn’t solve it. Since I’m a bit short on time I’m just using Firefox instead of chrome/brave for now (The hotspot offset on the latter makes them unusable, for the few others with just the scaling problem it’s workable).

Also, H 0.25.0 crashes for me on amdgpu with stable mesa, and unstable.mesa is prohibitively expensive on my otherwise stable system due to the large number of dependents.

That said, H 0.24.1 is for now “good enough” , so I’ll just wait until nixos 23.05 and see what the transition brings…

This is indeed mostly solved after going to nixos-23.05 for nixpkgs. There are still apps (seems to be limited to Qt5 (?) though the screen selection dialog from a desktop-portal too) that ave double sized cursor, but for chrome/brave it’s solved, and there are no hotspot offsets anymore…