Sudo-less CLI means of mounting removable media

Is there a means of mounting removable media on the CLI without the root password or sudo, in NixOS 23.11?

bashmount used to be able to do this until sometime around 22.11.

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Have you tried enabling services.udisks2 in the system config and using the udisksctl command?


I think services.udisks2.enable is even enabled by default.

This seems to be working.

Enabling services.udisks2 also seems to give bashmount back its previous desirable behaviour.

The phenomenology seems to suggest otherwise. (I’m never sure how to find this sort of thing quickly in the source code.)

Perhaps it used to be enabled by default, and its removal is what changed the behaviour of bashmount?

Indeed, you’re right: it was disabled in f763710, so in NixOS 22.11.