Suggest closing issue

I occasionally come across open issues that probably could be closed (example). What is the proper way to make the suggestion?

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I went ahead and closed since I agree. A few thoughts:

  • You can just comment that you think it can be closed (ideally with succinct reasoning). I don’t do it super often, but sometimes I search for open issues that hit for “closed” and trawl through for easy wins.

  • I guess it might not scale well, but you could mention me in such a comment. I like cleaning up, so I’m happy to see them.

Will do. Although I heavily use NixOS, I’m not able to do in depth things to help. But pointing out issues that can be closed is something I can do. :slight_smile:


I wonder if there could be a label that could be applied to relevant issues / PRs?

Something like maybe-close, and have a bot that could apply this label when suggested by a commenter?