Suggestion: GitHub label for PRs for darwin packages

I had a trivial PR (literally just a rubygem update) for a darwin package take 22 days to review, including posting about it twice in the “PRs ready for review” thread. @worldofpeace finally merged it for me yesterday, and commented that this likely took so long due to the small number of macos reviewers.

To that end, I’d like to propose a GitHub label be added to darwin-only packages, to make it easier for macos reviewers to focus on the packages that other people can’t review. Furthermore, there should be a publicly-available bot instruction that will add this label to PRs where ofborg doesn’t detect it automatically (in particular, bundlerApp PRs frequently don’t modify the default.nix file and therefore ofborg doesn’t detect the derivation).


I believe I have seen OfBorg attach this “darwin” label already, so I assume just the accuracy could be better.

You’re right in that there is a label there. I’m curious what criteria ofborg uses to attach it; looking at all open PRs with that label, nearly all have “darwin” or “macos” in the title. The one that doesn’t, the label was added manually (by you).

So I guess we need to update the bot to attach it to any PR whose derivation declares darwin as the sole platform, and as previously suggested it would be great to have a publicly-available bot command to request it to be added to packages where it’s not detected.

commented that this likely took so long due to the small number of macos reviewers

This is the actual issue. We don’t have many Darwin contributors.

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Right, which is why I want to make it easier for Darwin contributors to find packages that need their attention.

Speaking personally, I’m maintaining a number of packages, and would be willing to do some periodic reviewing of other people’s packages (no commit bit but I can at least check them), but I generally don’t because I’m not sure what packages it’s worth me looking at on macOS. Now that I know about the Darwin label I can at least look at those, but when looking right now I don’t see anything obvious that looks like a trivial PR that’s languishing due to lack of review.

There’s an open PR about ofBorgs ability to add labels:

Also this github issue (inofficial, but github has taken note):

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When we’re stuck with some darwin mass breakage (that would block the other platforms from progressing), we sometimes ping @darwin-maintainers.

Beyond the fact that it’s probably not appropriate to ping a complete team of maintainers just to expedite darwin package review, it also appears that this team is not publicly-visible.

I believe I can divulge there’s five people in it… and I’d say it’s like there are only two really active people at once, at most :slight_smile:

It’s still a private team so I can’t see or ping it myself.

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