Summer of Nix 2022 - sponsor track

Hi all,

As announced previously, the community program Summer of Nix will take place from mid-July till end of September this year. Applications are still open but I can already say that we will have a nice team again! In addition, we now also have an official sponsor track that gives companies the possibility to participate in the event as well. As sponsor you can:

  • Get your logo in different sizes on the Summer of Nix website for one year, and get mentioned in all related documents such as reports to NLNet and the European Commission. The stages are 1000€/2500€/5000€ ($1100/$2750/$5500) for 3 different logo sizes.
  • Participate in the interactive tech talks for 1000€ ($1100). We plan to organize at least 5 sessions and you can join with as many participants from your organization as our video conferencing solution can support.
  • Get your own 1h+ slot for 1000€ ($1100) to present your Nix setup, achievements and challenges, and to talk directly to participants for hiring purposes.
  • Participate and support us in the way you wish, for example by sponsoring access to compute infrastructure or other goodies.

If you are interested, please fill out the sponsor form here. If you feel you can’t muster the sponsorship amounts, for whatever reason, please do reach out as well and describe your situation. As last year, the money will directly go to the NixOS Foundation. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate writing to!