Summer of Nix check in

Hi all,

This is a small update with a quick review on where we are and an outlook of what’s to come next week besides the normal contribution work. We are two weeks into the program now. I think all of you participants have had the time to look around at the types of projects that we work on within the NGI program with NLNet.

Remember, we are here to improve the user, developer and deployment experience of those tools. There are many ways of doing so - small or big contributions, code or prose.

What we have done

What has actually been done is still opaque to everyone (see topic for next week). But here are some high level things that we went through so far:

  • Everyone got connected to their team and other participants, onboarded on the various tools and looked through issues. A few issues popped up.
  • We have started the Summer of Nix public lecture series with two nice talks by @edolstra and Armijn.
  • As you may have noticed, we have a new website with space for articles (so far only one from last year) and videos from the public lecture series (and potentially other’s contributed by participants soon?). I hope we can fill this up soon and don’t hesitate to open PRs for this directly on the repo. This website is only an intermediary place for us to store and show content related to the program. The goal is to upstream as much as possible from there to the existing places.
  • We went through 4 mob programming sessions facilitated by @mightyiam 2PRs to nixpkgs came out of those so far and a huge amount of knowledge sharing.

Topics for next week

  • Next week I would like to try making a first assessment of where we are at. Basically I’d like to collect a first round of contributions from the 4 teams that have been made already. It’s still early but some small things have already been made. It would be great to start communicating about these contributions and making them visible to everyone in and out of the program.
  • @fricklerhandwerk will talk about how to contribute to improving the state of documentation of Nix on Monday. This is interesting for anyone, not only those who want to fully focus on this.
  • @jonringer ill give a public lecture on the history and architecture of nixpkgs
  • I would like to send out a pairing list with two random matches (including tech wizes) per week so that participants can get to others on Summer of Nix and spread experience.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out,


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