Summer of Nix - public lecture series

Hi all,

I’d like to announce that we are organizing a public lecture series for Summer of Nix. We have a nice lineup of 10+ invited speakers to talk about Nix from various angles. It’ll be one talk per week, about 30 minutes with a lot of room for questions afterwards. We’ll try to stream through various platforms.

The series is initiated July 19th at 3pm UTC by @edolstra, who will take us through a high level perspective on Nix, where it came from, how it is positioned compared to other systems and where it is at now.



link for discussions:


How do I add it to my calendar ?

What about a shared Google calendar? Lol.
I guess I can just follow a thread :man_facepalming:

What’s the link or how do I register?

Hey all, this is a bit last minute and we are still setting up the video conferencing tool. Link will come soon!

So here is the plan: we will stream the lecture series to Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter with Streamyard (this may change later on in case we get the NixCon streaming infra ready). We will put the public link in the Discourse calendar (hopefully tomorrow). Speakers will receive a separate invite link. Talks will be recorded.

Hopefully this will be ready tomorrow afternoon so that you can subscribe and we will also advertise it more widely then.



  • YouTube
  • Linkedin
  • twitter will come
  • we are working on an owncast instance but unsure whether we’ll get it done until tomorrow

Will the YouTube be recorded?
I will be getting my children ready for school and will have missed it :frowning:

Will love to catch up on the recording.

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Yes, YouTube automatically records the stream! Better miss the lecture than your children :wink:


Here is a matrix link for discussions:

temporary owncast link: . We hope to make this something else and permanent soon (e.g. @edolstra @garbas ?)

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