Support for 23.11

search’ is currently showing the 23.11 as deprecated. Does anyone know how long this will continue to be available for? (Personally I am hoping it will stay that way for a while. :crossed_fingers: Upgrades don’t happen over-night for me and I know 22.11 disappeared from search before I had upgraded and whilst I was still supporting 22.11.)

Is there a way to request this? Does it hurt anyone to leave the old version showing as deprecated, say till the next version comes out? Just a humble request.

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I don’t know the specific date but I wouldn’t expect it to be around longer than 23.11 is supported. So sometime around the beginning of July.
However the CLI tools still work and man configuration.nix lists all available options.


The 23.11 “Tapir” release is now officially deprecated, and will reach its end-of-life and stop receiving security updates after 2024-06-30. Please schedule your upgrades accordingly.


The length of 23.11 support was also announced with 23.11 release already, as usual. But the lengths are predictable. We have 6 months release period, 1 month overlap of support.

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How does the showing help? I thought the point of stable is backporting (security) fixes and making binaries for that. It’s nontrivial amount of work, both for infra and for humans.

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@Sandro, thanks! Reading back I think my question could have been clearer. I was only referring to the search function remaining available, although I think you effectively answered that. I am assuming it will disappear at the same time as support ends. :+1:

@vcunat thanks! I knew about the 6 month cycle but I hadn’t ‘discovered’ the 1 month overlap of support. I should have read up on this by now to discover the release and support cycle!

So, searching now, I can find references to the one month of support like in the announcement ‘This release will receive bugfixes and security updates for seven months (up until 2024-12-31).’ and in all the release notes. Wiki - Channel Branches only refers to releases every six months and RFC080 also only refers to the 6 monthly release schedule. I haven’t found much else on what happens once a release has moved out of ‘stable’ in general terms, like the updating of ‘search’.

Regarding ‘showing the search’, in my naivety I assume that the search content for 23.11 doesn’t need to change and is already what it is. Showing it as deprecated (and no longer supported) tells me it is in the state it was when ‘stable’ swapped to the next release.

In attempting to answer to ‘How does the showing help?’, I can only offer my personal point of view and say doing updates while keeping everything stable takes (me) testing and time. I find ‘search’ a very useful reference - it almost like the ‘command reference’ for a language. Knowing what the ‘syntax’ was vs what the ‘syntax’ is now I find quite useful but that maybe relevant to my experience level.

I understand that the world we now all live in moves forward endlessly. There is no question that the great efforts of the community are and should be focused here. A good experience for the users also seems important (to me at least) and removing the references the people who support them use in just 4 weeks seems like it could be open for discussion.

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Right, I get that the could behave more like – at least visually that would seem OK to me (no idea how it works inside really, but I don’t expect it would be hard).


Ah, I haven’t thought of that. We could adopt the same terminology (rolling, stable, deprecated, end-of-life) on, since we’re half-way there already: Nix reference manual — documentation