Support for ODROID N2


Has anybody tried to run NixOs on an ODROID N2?

I’ve seen instructions for the C2

Is there some sort of “porting guide”?


Have you tried it?
I’m considering the N2+ as a build/compilation board for Haskell.

Hi, I just managed to install NixOS on the eMMC of my Odroid N2+.

To do so I used Tow-Boot and followed the instructions documented on this page of the wiki : NixOS on ARM/UEFI - NixOS Wiki

Once Tow-Boot has been flashed to the SPI of the N2+ it should be able to boot from a USB key flashed with the NixOS aarch64 installer.

I just had NixOS working today on the N2+ so there might be problems but I hope this can help.

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did you get any windowmanager working?
i just tried to run gnome and sway and they seem to fail to find the gpu.

Unfortunately there seems to be a problem while loading panfrost driver.

If you look at journalctl, there is an error message that happens when loading driver for the GPU.

I haven’t been able to fix this so right now I’m stuck.

If you have any progress don’t hesitate to share it. I will keep looking to find a fix.

I found this and its possible to build with nixos-21.11

this shouldn’t change much regarding the gpu issue i guess
But I chose this for now because towboot didn’t like to boot my mmc right away.