Sway repo recommendation

Hi there,

I’m considering a move over to sway, leveraging flakes, nix-colors, home manager, etc.

Has anyone come across a good reference repo?

I’m starting with the wiki, etc - but like to learn from known working, well configured repos. (Tried and true).

Thank you.

I’ve been running Sway with NixOS for a few years now, with Home-Manager for probably the majority of that. However, a basic setup is more or less just enabling the relevant home-manager option for Sway.

So my configuration is going to mostly be my own customizations, or example usage of how I pull in sway-tip from nixpkgs-wayland, which may or may not be appropriate for you given your taste for ecosystem breakage (for example, some Rust apps that haven’t taken a recent smithay-client-toolkit patch don’t work on sway-tip or Plasma 6).

That said, have at it: GitHub - colemickens/nixcfg: NixOS and Home-Manager configs for my devices. dotfiles, but way better

  • profiles/gui-sway.nix - home-manager configuration of Sway
  • profiles/gui-wayland.nix - some Wayland-generic tools/config that will be included in a future gui-cosmic.nix when I get Cosmic going better.
  • profiles/gui.nix - GUI-generic apps and configuration (see the imports for other things like pipewire, etc)

Happy to answer any questions :).

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