Sway/wlroots: Lots of errors

I’m trying to set up Sway on NixOS and having a lot of issues.

The first error in the logs is “EGL_EXT_platform_base not supported”. After this it moves on to create a pixman renderer instead. I’m not sure if this is an error but wouldn’t that harm performance compared to using GL directly?

The second error is “Failed to intersect display and render modifiers for format 0x34325241 on output 'DP-1”. It only has the starting single quote, not the ending one.

The third error is “Failed to pick cursor format”, “Failed to render cursor buffer”, “Falling back to software cursor on output ‘DP-1’”. No cursor shows at all.

Would you mind sharing your config, and perhaps full logs? It’s hard to debug WMs purely by error messages :wink:

Also note that sway infamously makes it very hard to use it with nvidia GPUs, or well, any proprietary graphics drivers (because those drivers don’t support Wayland properly and you’ll get problems like these).

I bought AMD specifically for Linux support. That said, I gave up on NixOS due to how hard it is to debug errors like this, as well as the hostile, elitist community. Thanks for trying to help, though.