Switch cache.nixos.org to ZSTD to fix slow NixOS updates / nix downloads?

@wamserma That doesn’t look to useful for our case. We probably need something tailored towards Nix’ use-cases for the case of chunking. My CrossOver binary tarball from before came out over 100MiB more than any of the other options and it took a minute to compress with no parallelism.

@Atemu I had no idea how it would perform, hence I asked for a test run. Nix- (or rather nar-)specific chunking has been discussed a few times, e.g. in the Attic-Thread.

btw: mbrola is a TTS package and probably pulled in due to this: okular pulls in mbrola worth > 600 mb · Issue #207204 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub

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zstd is now backported: [2.3-maintenance] libutil: add ZstdDecompressionSink by edef1c · Pull Request #9221 · NixOS/nix · GitHub thanks to @edef !


I opened Tag 2.3.17 from `2.3-maintenance` branch · Issue #9244 · NixOS/nix · GitHub, so this can ideally trickle into a new version number, so (smart) HTTP caches can detect if zstd support is available.


Nix does not support multiple compression methods per .narinfo file. So we cannot offer store paths using both xz and zstd compression.

So it’s not possible to introduce this narinfo extension as non-breaking change, is it?

I have another issue which may or may not be related:

nix flake update --commit-lock-file

given nixpkgs is ± the only flake input, it takes at least 1 min (MBA M1, macOS ) past the download progress has stopped which seems like a bit forever.

not sure if nix-channel --update is any faster, but irrelevant for me as I’ve gone flakes-only due to #10247


Looking at Support zstd compression for binary caches · Issue #2255 · NixOS/nix · GitHub, seems it got closed in favour of Use libarchive for all decompression (except brotli) by yorickvP · Pull Request #3333 · NixOS/nix · GitHub which is fine as I guess it introduced zstd support using libarchive.

❯ date
Wed Jul  3 10:01:14 CEST 2024

❯ nix-shell -v -p llvmPackages.stdenv
downloading 'https://cache.nixos.org/nar/0zk0synf3wgzb1grjfvwyj37kd3qp1wnqhvhq9xjch8dyvc0b1rk.nar.xz'...

suggests cache.nixos.org does not yet support ZSTD compression.

This is understandable as I believe it might be very well not a priority for you @domenkozar

However apart from the priorities, it’s not clear for me if consensus regarding introducing ZSTD for caches has been reached at all.

Can someone post update about this, please?

A bit off topic: reasons I’m asking is that my M1 Air (2020) still feels snappy in many aspects and despite it’s 2024 I’m not going to ditch it just out of blue, however nix currently gives it really hard time.

I mean, it feels painfully slow.

That’s said with respect to maintainers: enormous ticket pressure is evident, so it’s not about the reasons behind it, for me, but having a hope that ZSTD can bring significant relief to it seems reasonable.

In the end, if there are reasons not to go with it yet, I could’ve hacked small cache instance locally with ZSTD on, and that’s a way to go, but might be useless if the feature is coming soon, officially.

Thank you,

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Right, so far all uploads to the cache.nixos.org are .xz

But is it planned already or maybe there are still some gotchas?

No real plans so far, I believe. (and addressing S3 storage amount most likely goes first)

I haven’t seen XZ decompression be a bottleneck on any system.
Most of the cache.nixos.org slowness I’ve seen is the 1 MB/s bottleneck between fastly and S3. Compressing the nixos cache with zstd instead of xz wouldn’t really help with that.


That’s interesting! Have you debugged that yourself (if so, how?), or is it a documented limitation of fastly/S3?

I haven’t seen XZ decompression be a bottleneck on any system.

My opening post shows exactly that 100x bottleneck:

despite only pushing ~12 MB/s, the nix process consumes around 100% CPU (varying between 70% and 130% in htop).

If additionally the network pipe is now slow, that’s also bad and should be fixed, but it doesn’t make the already-proven issue disappear.

In my test today on 10 Gbit/s,

wget -O /dev/null https://cache.nixos.org/nar/1w0nk8lhf3vbna1cl07qs835f13xj7w60mx7ny3xx3rxk6waxk1r.nar.xz

runs at 5 MB/s. That’s faster than 1 MB/s but still atrocious.

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I am getting more and more convinced that NixOS should have a community-run cache server at Hetzner. It would

  • Solve the immense S3 storage and transfer cost
  • Provide reliable 1000 MB/s instead of 5 MB/s
  • Hopefully offer zstd packages