Syncthing for continuous cloud sync & secrets

Hi everyone,

I need to continuously sync local folders to different clouds (viz.: one folder with gdrive, another one with pcloud). I understand syncthing would allow so, if properly configured?

I am aware of a wiki, but I am wondering how to adapt it to sync local folder to cloud? Also, how to keep login information safe?

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syncthing syncs between instances of itself, with no cloud service necessary

Each instance runs on a host and talks to the local filesystem on that host. So of course you could run a syncthing instance in a cloud VM service and sync to a filesystem on their block storage, but itโ€™s not really designed to talk to some other cloud service API (like s3 or gdrive or whatever).

If youโ€™re after something like that, perhaps look at rclone.

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For syncing between different cloud providers you want rclone


As far as I know, rclone allows uploading & downloading, but not continuous syncing - am I correct or did I miss anytnig?