Syncthing in Home Manager does not have dataDir option?

I’m trying to move my syncthing services configuration into home-manager rather than at an OS level (as I have my home-manager config across multiple machines), and for some reason it cannot seem to find one of the service options dataDir. I have a file that is called in as a module via a flake.nix with home-presets containing the username/hostname/home directory.

I should also note that I’m trying this on a Mac - although I don’t know if this would make a difference. It states that syncthing should be available ( NixOS Search )

{ pkgs, services, home-presets, ...}:
    services.syncthing = {
        enable = true;
        overrideFolders = false;
        overrideDevices = false;
        user = home-presets.username;
        dataDir = home-presets.homeDirectory;

The option is here: nixpkgs/syncthing.nix at 6c591e7adc514090a77209f56c9d0c551ab8530d · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub and as far as I can tell is on all available 22.11 branches (which is what I’m using).

The error I get is simply: The option 'services.syncthing.dataDir' does not exist.

Any thoughts as to what is going on? Thanks.

Synching in HM doesn’t have that option.

Not knowing anything about syncthing though, but you probably want to use the extraOptions.

Ah, well that would make a difference! I presumed it would pull from Nix’s services for some reason.