Syncthing, Override

I’m not sure I understand these two options with Syncthing

overrideDevices = true;     # overrides any devices added or deleted through the WebUI
overrideFolders = true;     # overrides any folders added or deleted through the WebUI

What does it override?:wink:

When using syncthing (like on other OSes) you can add devices that you want to share with and shared folders through the local WebUI. If you set these options to true, any changes made will be reverted and the declarative config will be enforced.
If you set these to false, declarative configuration will be applied, but adding folders/devices through the WebUI will be respected.
If you often add devices and/or folders (e.g. when you are using syncthing for ad-hoc syncing with colleagues), you might want to set the relevant options to false. Otherwise you have to rebuild your config to add/remove folders/devices.