Synfig and Recursive Nix

The synfigstudio nix package is horribly out of date and marked as broken.

However, synfig now include nix derivations in their own source tree.

This seems to be a great win for Nix – the synfig authors are now maintaining an up-to-date nix derivation so that nix developers don’t have to.

The question is: is there anyway for ordinary users to benefit from this without them having to browse through the Synfig git repository to discover it (like I did)? Ideally we would want nixpkgs to maintain some kind of ‘wrapper derivation’ in the main nixpkgs tree that just downloads a given tagged version of synfig from github, unzips it and then runs nix again to build the derivation that exists inside the unzipped repository.

However some searching through the nix github seems to suggest that recursive nix is still problematic. Is this true? Or is there some way we can utilise the work of the synfig developers to easily maintain an up-to-date synfig in the nixpkgs tree?

Note: I’m not a synfig author, just a user who wanted to use synfig and accidentally stumbled upon this and thought “wouldn’t it be cool if nix-env could just use this automatically”.

Sadly, at least for the latest stable release (1.4.2) the derivation provided by synfig appears to be broken anyway :frowning:

After changing version from git to 1.4.2, replacing stdenv.lib with lib and gnome3.defaultIconTheme with gnome.adwaita-icon-theme I’m still getting this error when I try to build it:

autoreconf: error: AC_INIT not found; not an autoconf script?

Strangely the derivations contains the line:

  postUnpack = ''

as if the authors intended to use an empty so perhaps they were relying on legacy behaviour of autoconf? Any help on how to get this working would be greatly appreciated!