Systemd-resolved configuration

I’ve decided to straighten out my DNS configuration (from default NixOS’s one, not sure what it uses).
Decided to go with systemd-resolve, but discovered that there is not that much settings available.
For example, i want to ignore DNS and search domain provided by DHCP, but as far as I search, I find that it needs to be done per resolved’s interface configuration files (which is also not ideal since I want to ignore it globally for every interface), and there seem to be no way of setting those through services.resolved.* options.

Am I missing something? Or those settings are elsewhere?
Or should I not use systemd-resolved at all?

It might help to see how the services.resolved.* options simply template a resolved.conf file. Note that extraConfig lets you append anything else you need. Personally I use that to set a couple of options that haven’t received special treatment from the nixpkgs module.

I’m not sure how to configure systemd-resolved to ignore DHCP, but if you do need to do per-link/device/network configuration, can help generate the .link/.netdev/.network files.

In general though, if the nixpkgs modules don’t expose the options you need, feel free to just specify the content of configuration files directly.